Monday, June 2, 2014

Rational Relating Event In San Francisco - June 14th, at 4pm!

Billions of people are walking around on this Earth, trying to connect with others and build meaningful and satisfying bonds. Yet for so many, there is something getting in the way of this wonderful experience. Relationship expert, author and speaker Damon L. Jacobs (LMFT) hosts “Rational Relating with Damon L. Jacobs: How to Stay Sane in the Crazy World of Love,” using the principles from his recently published book of the same name—along with his signature wit and charm—to address this issue.

On Saturday, June 14th at 4pm, Damon is returning to his "home-base" in the Mission District of San Francisco, to discuss ways of enhancing communication, pleasure, and intimacy in primary and multiple relationships.  The event will be held at Alley Cat Books, 3036 24th Street, San Francisco. 

Participants will learn
- The 5 essential "pillars" to maintain joy and pleasure in relationships
- How the myth of "cheating" damages unity (while increasing therapists' bank accounts)
- Tools to enhance the presents of presence
- Steps to manage jealousy and fear
- How pre-exposure prophylaxis ("PrEP") is changing possibilities in relationships

Signed books will be on sale as well! 

Any questions? Please ask here, or contact Damon at

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